Huawei European University Challenge is an annual competition across Europe. In the past three years, over 3000 students sharpened their digital skills through dedicated lectures, coding assignments, and lab tours in Europe and China. As an industry leader in the information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices industry, Huawei is eager to work with the next generation of innovative thinkers. 

The Challenge

Modelling Optical Networks With AI

Huawei Paris Research Center is launching this year’s competition. Huawei is thrilled to announce the European University Challenge 2020 in France, Spain and Portugal. 

Competition Rules

Participants will meet and form teams of 1-4. Teams will have until November 14th to submit their solutions, maximum one per day. A jury will determine the final ranking of the solutions and the top 5 teams.


The goal of the challenge is to build an AI simulator for telecom networks. The data comes from an experimental telecom network in Huawei laboratory. The data challenge aims at answering a scientific question: how well can we model a cascade of several components by using input-output training data from individual components?


The submitted solutions will be evaluated by a score measuring the discrepancy between the predicted output and the ground truth. Judging will be conducted by a joint committee of the Noah’s Ark and Optical Teams of Huawei Paris Research Center.


Invited to participate are undergraduate, Master's, and PhD students currently registered with an institution in France, Spain or Portugal and studying engineering, mathematics, computing science or related field.





First place:

7000 €

Second place:

4000 €

Third place:

2000 €

Network with industry experts

Showcase your idea

Increase your chances of getting an internship


Registration Opens

October 12, 2020

Project Submission Deadline

November 14, 2020

Opening Ceremony

November 4, 2020

Closing Ceremony

November 18, 2020



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